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Compatriot/Staff Sergeant Allan K. Walker "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE"

by Sons of Liberty Chapter, S. A. R.

Editor's Note: This article was reprinted from the May 2004 Edition of the The Liberty Tree Newsletter

Compatriot S/Sgt Allan Kendall Walker, USMC, a member of our Chapter, was killed in action on April 6th, 2004, in the Iraqi town of Ramadi.

Allan was the son of our Genealogist Kenneth R. Walker and grandson of the late Compatriot Hugh K. Walker. He was born in Gardena, California in 1975. He would have celebrated his 29th birthday on April 9th, He graduated from Highland High School, in Palmdale, in 1993 and joined the Marine Corps shortly thereafter.

Allan was a proud Marine. Before being deployed to Iraq he served as a drill instructor at Camp Pendleton. His fearful recruits nicknamed him "The Beast". He had often said that no Marine was going to get hurt because he wasn't properly trained.

The memorial service was held at Lancaster Presbyterian Church on Saturday April 17th. Several of his boyhood friends and family members related those special moments from his youth during the service - ­some very moving stories of a typical American young man.

The first to speak was Allan's father, Ken. As he stepped up to the podium, the sun broke through the rain clouds with the rays coming through the church's stained glass windows and only illuminated the flag draped casket.

During the memorial ceremony, Vice President General Charles R. Lampman representing President General Raymond Musgrave, presented the family the SAR's Heroism Medal. Also presented on behalf of State President Stanley Henderson was the SAR's War Service Medal.

The honor guard consisted of the United States Marine Corps, the Continental Marines (South Coast Chapter, SAR), the Marine detachment from the Sons of Union Veterans, the Commander-in-Chief's Guards (Sons of Liberty and Harbor Chapters). Representatives from veterans organizations, lineage societies and several SAR Chapters as well as a large delegation from our Chapter, led by President Scott Campbell were also present. There were so many attending the service that many stood outside the Church.

George Mack of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, one of the reenactment groups we perform our living his­tory programs with, wrote to Ken, via our Chapter. George's letter speaks for all of us, hence, with his permission, we have added it to the memorial.

"Dear Ken;

I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your son, Allan. The members of our unit have also been informed, and we all send our sincere condolences. Nothing that I could say would help; but I am truly grateful to have been protected, and had our freedoms defended by your son, and his ultimate sacrifice for the sake of liberty we all enjoy here in our homeland.

Each time we don our 'silly clothes' and 'parade around' for the public in outfits 200+ years out of fashion, it is ONLY out of the supreme respect that we all share for the blood that was shed so we may be free, and to remind those that freedom was never free. It has been bought at the cost of human beings of pure character, honor and a desire to preserve all that is good. Thank you for the gift your son has bought for all of us, this free country. If we could help you or your family in any way, do not hesitate to ask.

With great sorrow and humble gratitude.

George Mack
Royal Welsh Fusiliers"

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