Revolutionary War Historical Article

Tory Account of Whig Leaders Before the Revolutionary War

By the Sons of Liberty Chapter of the SAR

Editor's Note: This article was reprinted from the July/August 2001 Edition of the Liberty Tree Magazine . Image of John Hancock Added for Illustrative Purposes.

Editors Note: This transcription is a true copy of the original document that was gifted on December 9, 1869 by the Hon. C. F. Adams to the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston, Massachusetts. The author of the document is unknown, but was written in London on the same day that the signal lanterns were hung at Christ Church, Boston, just prior to Paul Revere's famous ride. This document was transcribed on May 28, 2001 by Marston Watson, Former Vice President General - Western District, Sons of the American Revolution and a dual member of The Sons of Liberty Chapter. It is believed that this document has never been published before July 2001. Additionally, it is transcribed exactly as written, spelling errors and all.


" London 18th April 1775

As the True Born Sons of Liberty in Boston always make it a Rule to publish the Names and Office [of] the Characters to those who they Vote Inimical to their favourite Cause it may not be amiss by way of tit for tat to give the Public a List of Sixty three Persons who were appointed in the Town of Boston to Carry into Execution in the Town of Boston the Agreement and Association of the Respected Continental Congress.

As the characters that follow are known to be just by many people in this City and universally in Boston, the author makes no Apology for Introducing them in this public Manner.

Thomas Cushing a Distiller of Spirits, and Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Commons, a Dealer in Cannon & warlike Stores, also a Manager of Lotteries that Yielded immense Sums, unaccounted for.

Samuel Adams Formerly a Collector of Taxes & Largely in Debt to the Town of Boston, the principall Spring and manager of Plotts and Conspiraces against the State, famous for making Bacon, and always shudders at the sight of Hemp (1).

John Hancock (a Merchant) Orator & Milch Cow of the Faction (2) but whether Public Spirit or Vanity has been his governing principle is Uncertain.

William Phillips (a Deacon) of the Old South meeting Formality & a Presbyterian face are his Ornaments, an Occasionall Moderator at Town Meetings

Thos. Marshall (Taylor) A very Brave man, no one dare Question his Courage on Pain of being pinhed with his Bodkin (2) also a great Scholar & well versed in the Languages

John Pitts (a Selectman) Wise, prudent and discerning & very fond of soft music, Prompter to the Provinciall Congress

Oliver Wendell (Oilman) A very worthy Man

Samuel Austin (a Selectman) By his Connections it is thought Cyder may make Good Wine

Benjamin Austin (Ropemaker) Very Officious in Politicks and a rejected Councellor

Caleb Davis (Shopkeeper) A new made Deacon but in trade Esteemed an Honest man

William Davis (Merchant) of Small Importance & great Conceit

Wm Whitwell (Bonesetter) Key keeper in the Time of the Last (illegible) Non Importation & of a Jesuiticall (4) Turn

Saml Barrett (Shopkeeper) A Prim Politician

Jona Mason (Brasier) of a dark Surly Countenance, the true Index of the mind

John Bradford (Mariner) A Brave & Valiant sea Commander, only a Little Bashfull which known to the underwriters in London

John Brown a wigmakers Daily Assistant

Wm. Powell (Merchant) A high Son of Liberty

Rich. Boynton (Blacksmith) A Deacon and Excessive Civil & Smooth in Conversation

Ezek Cheever (Distiller) of Low Proof

Edward Procter Retailer of Lemmons and Pluievian in Principle

Jamers Ivers An Idle Politician

Eben. Hancock (Brasier) (Auctioner) Brother to Orater John

Wm Greenleaf (Auctioneer) very soft & pretty in his address, but is not without bad Humours

Sam. Whitwell (Leather Dresser) A very Boney man, N.B. Horns on his sign Post. (alias Hugh Peters Meeting House. N.B. he sings well

Herman Brimmer (Shopkeeper) A Sudden Deserter from the Church of England and a Candidate for a Deacon place at Doctor Chauncey

Martin Brimmer (Apothecary ) Civil & well Esteemed

Peter Boyer (Dealer) In Partnership with Major Thompson, Clerk to the Provinciall Congress

Benja. Church (Physician) Well versed in the art of Banting, a Qualification requisite for a Delagate

Joseph Warren (Ditto) Ditto

Jos. Greenleaf (Retailer) of Pamphlets, formerly a Justice of the Peace but broke for Malpractices

Benja. Waldo (Mariner) A Surly Humdrum son of Liberty

John Pulling Bully of the Mohawk Tribe (5)

Paul Revere (Silver Smith) Ambasadour from the Committee of Correspondence to the Congress in Philadelphia

John Winthrop Chairman of the Committee for Tarring & Feathering, who alias Joyce Junior is now Strolling in the West Indies

Samuel Pitts (Fishmonger) Formerly a Salmon Catcher at an Indian Harbour

Capt. Ruddock Supposed to be one Abiel Ruddock, formerly Head of the mob on
5th November

Charles Jarvis (Physician) A Turn Coat & of no Consequence

Thos. Chace (Retailer) Well known under Liberty Tree in the Time of the Stamp Act

Nat Barber (Ins. Broker) Remarkable for Bullying & Rioting

Fortesque Vernon A Broken merchant one day & a whole one the next

Job Prince (Mariner) Remarkable for his pretended Hospitallity to Strangers

Caleb Hopkins (Ditto) The northern Politician & Talks on both sides the Question Occasionally

Moses Gill (Brasier) A Great Puritan without Religion

Thos. Roylston (Merchant) One who Loves his money better than his Country, largely Concerned in the Slave trade

John Marston (Publican) Keeper of a gaming House, very Tyrannicall & Oppressive

Newn Greenough (Sailmaker) whose House was built by Unrighteousnes

Moses Grant (Feathr. Seller) A Cashiered Cadet for Abusing one of the Honourable the Commissioners of is Majesties Customs

Foster Condy (Shopkeeper) Ditto & Broke for the same Crime

Henry Bromfield (Merchant) One who talks much & Does Little

Cyrus Baldwin (Shopkeeper) of Little Consequence, Strongly Suspected to be a Roman Catholic

Boz Foster (Retailer) of Spirits very warm in Politics

Isaac Peirce (Victualer (6)) A Person of Little Consequence

Enoch Brown (Retailer) said to be in Partnership with a Certain Auctioner, of whom he buys many Bargains

Jos. Eayrs Carpenter Emminent for erecting Liberty Poles

Henry Bass A very Important Man in his own Opinion and a Grindstone Facter

Sam Patridge (Mariner) A Busy, Foolish empty Town.Officer

Jos. Bracket (Publican (7)) Well known under Cromwell Head.

Jona. Williams (Merchant) Moderator at the Old South Meeting, Often troubled with Qualms of Conscience

Edwd Davis (Pedlar) A Tatler and minds every Bodys Business but his own

Eben. Johnston (Mariner) Mean Spiritted Sneering & Silly very Amourous with Kitchen Furniture

Elias Parkman (Shopkeeper) An Impudent Boy.

John Avery, Jr. Son in Law to the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Commons & formerly (illegible) Secratary

Nat. Noyes A Trifling Apothecary whose Medicines like himself are without Virtue well known among the Butchers for buying Lean meat."


(1) Hemp = The reference is the material used to manufacture a hangman noose.

(2) Milch Cow of the Faction = Translates in modern English to Financier of the Organization (Sons of Liberty?)

(3) Bodkin = A small sharp instrument for making holes in leather of fabric.

(4) Jesuiticall = Archaic term meaning "Jesuiticall Order, men brought up and devoted to the religion and court of Rome"

(5) Bully of the Mohawk Tribe = The Sons of Liberty usually diguised themselves as Mohawk Indians.

(6) Victualer = Translates in modern English to an Inn Keeper or a supplier of victuals (fresh food stuffs).

(7) Publican = A tavern keeper.


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