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Known Participants in
The Boston Tea Party

by The Sons of Liberty Chapter of the SAR


Known Participants in the Boston Tea Party

Benjamin Thatcher, of Boston, compiled a list of fifty-eight known participants in the Boston Tea Party. This was accomplished in 1835, with seven of the participants still living who helped him prepare it.

In 1884 Francis S. Drake, also of Boston, added fifty more names gleaned from family documents and oral traditions. Drake also tried to identify these men with their occupations and ages.

Nathaniel Barber (3), 45, merchant

Samuel Barnard, 36, occupation unknown

Henry Bass (4), 34, merchant

Edward Bates, age and occupation unknown

Thomas Boulter, 38, housewright

David Bradlee (6), 31, occupation unknown

James Bradlee (6), 19, occupation unknown

Nathaniel Bradlee (6), 27, occupation unknown

Thomas Bradlee (6), 29, occupation unknown

James Brewer, age unknown, pump maker

Seth Ingersoll Brown, 23, house carpenter

Stephen Bruce, age unknown, merchant

Benjamin Burton, 24, occupation unknown

Nicholas Campbell, 41, sailor

George Carleton, age and occupation unknown

Thomas Chase (3), age unknown, distiller

Benjamin Clarke, 18, cooper’s apprentice

John Cochran, 23, occupation unknown

Gresham Collier, age and occupation unknown

Adam Colson (4), 35, leather dresser

James F. Condy (4), age unknown, bookseller

S. Coolidge, age and occupation unknown

Samuel Cooper, 18, cooper’s apprentice

John Crane, 29, house carpenter

Thomas Dana, age and occupation unknown

Robert Davis, 26, importer of groceries and liquors

Edward Dolbear, 18, cooper’s apprentice

Joseph Eaton, age unknown, hatter

Joseph Eayres, age unknown, housewright

- Eckley, age unknown, barber

Benjamin Edes (4), age unknown, printer

William Etheridge, age unknown, mason

Samuel Fenno, 28 ,housewright

Samuel Foster, age and occupation unknown

Nathaniel Frothingham, 27, coachmaker

John Fulton (7), 30, occupation unknown

John Gammell, 22, carpenter

Samuel Gore, 22, house painter

Moses Grant (4), 30, upholsterer

John Greenleaf (4), age and occupation unknown

Samuel Hammond, 24, farmer

William Hendley, 25, mason

George R. Hewes, 31, shoemaker

John Hicks, 48, occupation unknown

Samuel Hobbs, 25, tanner’s apprentice

John Hooton, 18, oarmaker’s apprentice

Samuel Howard, 21, shipwright

Edward C. Howe, 31, ropemaker

Jonathan Hunnewell, 14,(8)

Richard Hunnewell, age unknown, mason

Richard Hunnewell, Jr. ,16 (8)

Thomas Hunstable, 20, occupation unknown

Abraham Hunt, 25 ,wine merchant

David Ingersoll, 23, housewright

David Kennison, 37, farmer

Joseph Lee, 28, merchant

Amos Lincoln, 20, housewright apprentice

Mathew Loring, 23, leather worker

Joseph Lovering, 15, apprentice

Thomas Machin, 29, laborer

Ebenezer MacKintoch, 36, shoemaker

Archibald McNeil, 23, occupation unknown

John May, 25, occupation unknown

- Mead, age and occupation unknown

Thomas Melvill, 22, merchant’s clerk

William Molineux (3), 57, merchant

Thomas Moore, 20, operator of a wharf

Anthiny Morse, age and occupation unknown

Joseph Montford, 23, cooper

Eliphalet Newell, age and occupation unknown

Joseph P. Palmer, age unknown, hardware merchant

Johathan Parker, age unknown, farmer

Joseph Payson, 30, housewright

Samuel Peck, age unknown, cooper

John Peters, 41, occupation unknown

William Pierce, 29, barber

Lendall Pitts, 26, clerk of the market

Thomas Potter, age unknown, merchant

Henry Prentiss, 24, occupation unknown

John Prince, 20, occupation unknown

Edward Proctor (4), 40, importer

Henry Purkitt, 18, cooper’s apprentice

John Randall, 23, occupation unknown

Paul Revere, 38, silversmith

Joseph Roby, age and occupation unknown

John Russell, age unknown, mason

William Russell, 25, school teacher

Robert Sessions, 21, laborer

Joseph Shed, 41, carpenter

Benjamin Simpson, 17, bricklayer’s apprentice

Peter Slater, 14, ropemaker apprentice

Samuel Spraque, 19, mason’s apprentice

John Spurr, 25, occupation unknown

James Starr, 32, occupation unknown

Phineas Stearns, 37, farmer and blacksmith

Ebenezer Stevens, 22, carpenter

Elisha Story, 30, physician

James Swan, 19, counting house clerk

John Truman, age and occupation unknown

Thomas Urann, age unknown, ship joiner

Josiah Wheeler, 30, housewright

David Williams, age and occupation unknown

Ezekiel Williams, age 18, occupation unknown

Isaac Williams, age and occupation unknown

Jeremiah Williams, age unknown, blacksmith

Thomas Williams, 19, apprentice

Nathaniel Willis, 18, printer’s apprentice

Joshua Wyeth, 25, apprentice

Thomas Young, 41, physician



The five men depicted below are all that we have found who had anything to do with the Boston Tea Party. Of the five, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere are well known. The other two are David Kennison, who was born November 17th 1736, in Old Kingston, Maine. He served throughout the entire war, and was badly wounded at Sackett’s Harbor, New York, during the war of 1812. He was interviewed by Benson Lossing in 1848, while living in Chicago, age 112! The last man is George Hewes, whose son was interviewed by Lossing. He was born in Boston, September 5th, 1742, and died in Richfield, Otsego County, New York. He served as a privateer in the early part of the War and later in the Army. At age 101 he attended the dedication of the Bunker Hill Monument was honored by all attending on June 17th, 1843.



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