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A Roster of Seventy-One of the Known Seventy-Seven Men of Captain John Parker's Company of Lexington Militia

Ebenezer Bowman

John Bridge, Jr. James Brown
John Brown, killed Solomon Brown John Chandler
John Chandler, Jr. Joseph Comee, wounded William Diamond
Robert Douglas 1 Isaac Durant Prince Estabrook 2, wounded
Nathaniel Farmer, wounded Isaac Green William Grimes
Caleb Harrington, killed Daniel Harrington John Harrington
Jonathan Harrington Jonathan Harrington Jr. 3, killed Moses Harrington, III
Moses Harrington, Jr. Thaddeus Harrington Thomas Harrington
Isaac Hastings Samuel Hadley, killed Thomas Hadley, Jr.
John Hosmer Micah Hagar Benjamin Lock
Ebenezer Lock Rueben Lock Abner Mead
Ebenezer Munroe, Jr.4, wounded Jedediah Monroe, wounded John Munroe
John Monroe, Jr. Ebenezer Parker Jonas Parker, killed
Captain John Parker Jonas Parker, Jr. Nathaniel Parkhurst
Solomon Piece, wounded Asahel Porter, killed 5 John Raymond 7, killed
Joshua Reed Joshua Reed, Jr. Nathan Reed
John Robbins, wounded Phillip Russell Benjamin Sampson
Samuel Sanderson Joseph Simonds Joshua Simonds
John Smith Phineas Smith Simeon Snow
Phineas Stearns Jonas Stone, Jr. John Tidd, wounded
Samuel Tidd William Tidd Joseph Underwood
Joel Viles Benjamin Wellington Enock Wellington
John Winship Thomas Winship, wounded Sylvanus Wood 6
James Wyman Nathaniel Wyman 7, killed  



1   -   He was one of Captain Jeremy Belknap's Wobum Company; enlisted in John Parker's Company on April 19, 1775

2  -   Prince Estabrook was African American

3  -   Jonathan Harrington was the son of Henry and was known as "Junior" at the time.

4   -   He was the son of Jonas and was known as "Junior".

5   -   Asahel Porter was unarmed and had been taken prisoner by the British, he was shot while trying to run away during the first moments of the skirmish. Porter was counted in the 77 men attributed to John Parker's Company.

6  -   Sylvanus Wood was from Captain Joshua Walker's Woburn Company, enlisted in John Parker's Co. April 19, 1775.

7  -   John Rymond and Nathaniel Wyman were killed during the British Retreat later in the day, April 19, 1775.

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