Revolutionary War Historical Article

We Must Help Save Our Precious Heritage

by Donald N. Moran

Any of us who have children or grandchildren in school are concerned with what they are being taught about our country. No longer is history being taught. It has been renamed "social studies" and is a curriculum of historical revisionism, political correctness and multiculturalism. No emphasis is placed on the traditional American values, which is what made America great. Rather stress is placed on a world view, stressing that all cultures equally contributed to the building of our country.

The politically correct agenda expends most class room time studying and exaggerating everything negative about our European heritage and ignoring the contribution to the entire world made by those of that heritage.

To further endanger future generations is the elimination of traditional reference books. Shelf space is always a problem for school libraries. To determine which books are to be retained, the librarians review the usage factor. Those books that are not being checked out are disposed of. Unfortunately, the use factor is based on assignments given the students. If a student is never asked to write an essay or report on George Washington or Thomas Jefferson they would not check out their biographies, hence they would eventually be discarded.

For several years your editor also served as editor of The California Compatriot, the quarterly newsletter of the California Society, SAR. In all those years I was unable to publish a winning single youth contest essay owing to the factual errors contained therein. A review of the contestant's bibliography revealed the problem - - it simply was the reference material available to them. They did not have access to the 'histories' we' would consider acceptable. If your only source of information is from a revisionist book, the facts related will certainly be distorted.

This is where we, the Sons of Liberty Chapter, can make a difference. In past issues of The Liberty Tree, we advised the major efforts we have expended to create a world class web site, with a section entitled the American Revolutionary War History Archives.

We need help. Our long range plan for the web site includes the transcription of some of the numerous articles we have published in our newsletter and we are pleased to report that we have obtained permission to reprint articles that were published in newsletters with very limited circulation. Many of these fine historical articles about the American Revolution need to be preserved.

Unfortunately, many of these articles were published before the advent of computers, or they were not preserved in a computer's memory. We need volunteers to transcribe these articles into formats that we can add to the web site. There are no time requirements, hence a volunteer can transcribe as many articles as they have time for, and at their own leisure.

If you can spare the time, please contact our Secretary. In the mean time, take the time to look at our web site and see how it is progressing. Web Master James Q. Bradley has been doing a wonderful job of creating what will be a valuable research tool on the Revolution.

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