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Daniel Morgan


Daniel Morgan was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1736 and later settled in western Virginia.  He was a wagoner in General Braddock's disastrous expedition against Fort Duquesne in 1755.

Commissioned a captain in 1775, he raised a company of rifleman and joined the Continental Army outside Boston, Massachusetts.  He volunteered his company for Benedict Arnold's Quebec campaign.  When Arnold was wounded at Quebec, Morgan took command and was later captured by the British.  He was freed through a prisoner exchange in 1776 and was promoted to colonel.

His famed "Morgan's Rangers" of sharpshooters distinguished themselves in the American victory at Saratoga.  Passed by for promotion, Morgan retired from the army in 1779, but was recalled in 1780 and was made a brigadier general.  In a brilliant victory at the battle of Cowpens in South Carolina, he defeated the numerically superior British forces.

After the war, Morgan served as a Federalist Congressman from 1797 to 1799.  He died in Winchester, Virginia on July 6, 1802.

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