Revolutionary War Battles Index

Battle of Blue Licks, Kentucky
By James David Sympson

Battle of Brandywine
By Donald N. Moran

Battle of Bunker Hill, List of Fallen Patriots
By Sons of Liberty Chapter, SAR

Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina
By Charles R. Lampman

Battle of Freeman's Farm [at Saratoga]
By James Frassett

Battle of Hubbardton
By Donald N. Moran

Battle of Kings Mountain
By Mel S. Hankla

Battle of King's Mountain and Captain William Moore
By Glenn J. Gujda

Battle of King's Mountain-An Eyewitness Account
By Benjamin Sharp

Battle of Monmouth
by Donald N. Moran

Battle of Newtown, 29 August 1779
By Major Glenn T. Williams

The Battle of Oriskany
By Donald N. Moran

Battle of Vincennes-Victory for G. W. Clark
By Charles R. Lampman

Battle Road - The Road Back to Boston
By Donald N. Moran

Forage War of 1777 in New Jersey
By Donald N. Moran

The Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution
by Lindsey Cook Brock

The Siege of Fort Stanwix
By Donald N. Moran

Patriot, British Warships Clash in 1783
By Lindsey Brock

The Quebec Expedition
By James Frassett

The Road to Saratoga
By James Frassett

The Storming of Stony Point
By Donald N. Moran

Report from Gen. Anthony Wayne on Ston(e)y Point
By Sons of Liberty Chapter of the SAR

Swamp Fox and Nelson's Ferry
By William L. Simpson

Trenton - Princeton Campaign
By B. Rice Aston

The Long March to Yorktown
By Donald N. Moran

Eyewitness Account by Joseph Martin of the Attack on Redoubt #10 at Yorktown
by Sons of Liberty Chapter of SAR

Eyewitness Account at Yorktown of Sarah Osborn Benjamin
By Donald N. Moran

Yorktown - Patriots Victorious Over British Forces
By Charles R. Lampman

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